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top 10 reasons why go with costa rica expeditions

1. Monteverde Lodge
Costa Rica Expeditions' Monteverde Lodge is one of the ultimate wilderness lodging experiences available anywhere. It redefines the "ecolodge" category with substance and style. Rooms at the Lodge put guests "in the forest." The Lodge Gardens is full of native plant species that replicate the surrounding cloud forest and attract its fauna. A running stream, pond and small waterfall proved a riverine habitat and carefully-placed benches offer privacy and panoramic vistas to observe wildlife, read, write or meditate.

2. You will be "Where the Wild Things Are"
Wildlife viewing takes many forms. On one end of the spectrum is the guaranteed-to-see-animals visit to the local zoo (and, in certain contexts an absolutely thrilling and vital experience.) On the other end of the spectrum is the opportunity to actually be in and part of a wilderness habitat. This experience is available in fewer and fewer places, and perhaps nowhere is the wild as primeval and accessible as in Costa Rica. Spotting a wild animal is an extraordinary thrill (and thus, never guaranteed), and with Costa Rica Expeditions you will be "where the wild things are."

3. The Guides
Costa Rica Expeditions has the largest staff of the most prominent biologist, naturalist and ornithologist guides in Costa Rica. The guides spend more time in the field, so they know where and when to take full advantage of sightings during the course of an itinerary. They are good, real good; it's the most expensive ongoing investment the company makes.

4. The Ecotourism Commitment
Ecotourism has become a politically correct buzzword that is bandied about with reckless abandon. Not all companies can back up their self-anointed ecotourism credentials. Costa Rica Expeditions has donated more than $100,000 toward environmental protection and conservation. All its practices are as environmentally friendly as possible, and its commitment to conservation and sustainable development is unswerving. One example is the solar hot water heating at Tortuga and Monteverde Lodges. Recycling is a priority. Costa Rica Expeditions received honorable mentions for the Conde Nast Traveler Ecotourism Awards in both 1995 and 1996, one of only two organizations in the world to be so honored.

5. The Cuisine
Valentin Corral, Manager of Costa Rica Expeditions' lodges, has revolutionized the menus at all three of our lodges' restaurants. Trained as a chef in Spain and France, Valentin developed creative menus that blend local flavors with international dishes. Recent visitors to our hotels have described our food as “consistently excellent” (Monteverde Lodge), “great” (Tortuga Lodge), and “delicious…exceeded my expectations” (Corcovado Lodge).

6. Costa Rica Expeditions Understands that Vacation Time is Precious
Costa Rica Expeditions' staff understands that each minute counts when you're on vacation - their raison d'être is to ensure perfect guest experience.

7. Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories® since 1978
It is our nature to bring back tangible pieces of a vacation, whether it is a souvenir or a photograph or a t-shirt. But after you return home and are back in the daily routine, what matters most are vacation memories. Everything Costa Rica Expeditions does is geared to making your Costa Rica adventure an unforgettable one.

8. www.costaricaexpeditions.com
Costa Rica Expeditions' online itinerary database enables interested travelers, travel agents and wholesalers to sort quickly through dozens of trips to find the one that fits. Presently there are 85 itineraries in the database with more on the way.

9. Tortuga Lodge
The forest in Tortuguero is the most colorful in Costa Rica. The greens are more vivid. The people of Tortuguero dress more colorfully than they do in the rest of Costa Rica. Tortuga Lodge reflects Tortuguero, in color and in mood, and it offers its guests a consummate and transformational "soft adventure" rainforest experience.

10. Corcovado Treetop Wildlife Viewing Platform
Man has spent almost no time in the treetops. Costa Rica Expeditions guests at Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp can ascend to the rainforest canopy and spend a half-day or even a night (one of the most popular options) on the amazing wildlife viewing platform. An overwhelming experience.


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