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Why Costa Rica Expeditions

Your Vacation Time is Precious!
Most of you spend a good part of your working life resolving problems. So that is the last thing that you that you want to do when you are on vacation. Lost time is lost forever. Costa Rica Expeditions is the company in Costa Rica that most ensures that the precious time you spend on your vacation provides maximum enjoyment and is completely trouble-free. We want your time to be spent being delighted, even transformed. Here are some ways we achieve that:

1. "Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories.®"
This is not just a slogan, but rather a ground-breaking Costa Rica Expeditions' religion that sets new standards for service quality. Read more about our service philosophy.

2. Staff of 145 full-time employees, all striving to deliver: "Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories.®"

3. Largest staff of the most prominent biologist, naturalist and ornithologist guides of anybody in Costa Rica. Since 1978 we have been committed to advancing the state of the art of orchestrating Unforgettable Memories. Our annual, 4-day Guides Workshop has brought in guiding experts from as far away as South Africa.

4. Costa Rica Expeditions’ office is staffed from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., 365 days a year. We have a staff that is exclusively dedicated to supervising each guest’s daily logistics, monitoring conditions, and proactively preventing problems that might affect your trip. After hours a Spanish-speaking person will answer our phones and forward the call to an English-speaking person on duty, who has the knowledge and authority to solve problems.

5. Doctors and pediatricians on call 24 hours a day. for the rare case when they’re needed. We back up our commitment to safety with continuous monitoring, not only of our own operation, but also of everything that we resell. If an operation does not meet our exacting standards we do not sell it.

6. Ease, speed and clarity of communication from the beginning.

7. Pioneers of white water rafting in Costa Rica.

8. Pioneers of natural history travel in Costa Rica.

9. Environmentally sound. Sustainability has been an important value for Costa Rica Expeditions since we were founded in 1978 and before it was fashionable. We installed solar energy hot water heating system in our lodges in 1996. We were pioneers in recycling in Costa Rica and won the National Recycling Award in 1994. We have led the way in the Costa Rican tourism industry in socially responsible labor policies. For people interested in sustainable practice we are proud to answers questions and provide detailed information on how we operate.

10. Largest operator of wilderness and adventure travel in Costa Rica.

11. Central office located at street level in the very center of downtown San Jose and is therefore easily accessible.

12. Because we own Tortuga Lodge, Monteverde Lodge, and Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp we can get you reservations at these, “best of breed properties,” when others cannot. The Cuisine: Valentin Corral, Manager of Costa Rica Expeditions' lodges, has revolutionized the menus at all three of our lodges' restaurants. Trained as a chef in Spain and France, Valentin developed creative menus that blend local flavors with international dishes. Recent visitors to our hotels have described our food as “consistently excellent” (Monteverde Lodge), “great” (Tortuga Lodge), and “delicious…exceeded my expectations” (Corcovado Lodge).

13. To insure smooth operations we have central radio communication between Costa Rica Expeditions’ main offices, our buses, Tortuga Lodge, Monteverde Lodge, and Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp.

14. Currently operate programs for most of the major organizations that offer natural history, adventure and wilderness travel in the United States.

15. Our guides spend more time in the field. As a result, they know where and when to take full advantage of sightings during the course of an itinerary.

16. We’ll do it your way, we customize itineraries.

17. If it can’t be done well, we don’t do it. We take care of the intangibles that create peace of mind. We react quickly, and expedite solutions. We invest a great deal of time and money in selecting people who have a natural talent for making other people happy, and training them in techniques that capitalize on their natural talent. Then we pay them more than anyone else.

18. We state clearly what is included and deliver what we promise, but, if there is any doubt about the services, we are quick to refund. See Terms and Conditions.

19. We ask for feedback (trip evaluation) and act on the results.

20. Total service. Costa Rica Expeditions offers everything from an airport transfer to off-the-beaten track expeditions.

21. We have done virtually everything we sell. Our clients aren’t guinea pigs.

22. We’re creative, and don’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to enjoy Costa Rica.

23. Experience and continuous training have increased the quality of our services more than almost any other thing. Key service personnel and managers have been with us for a long time:

Michael Kaye: Founder and CEO, 30 years.
Natalie Ewing: Chief Marketing and Client Satisfaction Officer, 23 years
Gordon Hein: Chief Operating and Financial Officer, 7 yearss
Carlos Gomez: Dir. of Interpretation and Guide Training, 22 years.
Isabel Garbanzo: Dir. Human Resources, 20 years.
Poett Ryan: Client Relations Manager, 9 years
Priscilla Jimenez: Senior Trip Planner, 12 years.
Nadya Shaw: Senior Trip Planner, 9 years.
Douglas Espinoza: Senior Trip Planner, 7 years.

24. For 25 years the name of Costa Rica Expeditions has been seen all over Costa Rica. Because people recognize the name easily and over such a long time, and we have a reputation for service to the community,* local people do small things for our groups that wouldn’t be done for the newer, lesser-known agencies.

25. Attention to small details. Example: We give great importance not only to our guides but also to our drivers as an essential part of the team that is providing services to you.

26. We have some very fine colleagues and competitors in Costa Rica, who provide excellent services, but we honestly feel that in the non-mass custom travel field, nobody surpasses us in any of the areas mentioned above, and no one comes close when all of the above factors are taken into account.

27. "Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories®" is not just for our guests, but also for the host communities that we visit. In Costa Rica Expeditions’ vehicles and light planes, we are happy to provide small package services free of charge to the remote communities that we visit. We have sponsored soccer and volleyball teams, and brought Christmas celebrations to kids who would have gone without.

"Economy ends at home. Buying a cut-rate vacation is like buying disappointment - just when you crave inspiration and delight." -Michael S. Kaye, Founder and CEO Costa Rica Expeditions