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Monteverde Lodge gardens in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
Jan 2005

Monteverde Lodge
Many of our guests find that among their most enjoyable time spent in Costa Rica is in the Monteverde Lodge gardens. Emphasizing ferns and bromeliads, we have chosen native plant species that replicate the natural cloud forest and attract its fauna. A running stream, pond and small waterfall provide a habitat for riverine birds and a host of reptiles and amphibians. Carefully placed benches provide a comfortable place, offer privacy and/or panoramic vistas to observe the wildlife, read, write or just wile away the hours. See Lodge information and prices.

From a guest: "The Monteverde Lodge was also a wonderful place to stay. We enjoyed our time in Monteverde greatly. The Hotel staff was very friendly, accommodating and professional. The food was outstanding! Watching the hummingbirds every time we sat down to eat was definitely something we all looked forward to at mealtime." -Verónica Geller, Sep. 29, 2007.

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