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A tour of Tortuguero rainforest creeks in Costa Rica.
Feb 2004

Rainforest boat tour
Boat tours on the creeks of Tortuguero National Park are the primary way to see wildlife and learn about the lowland tropical rainforest. Originally intended to protect a major nesting beach of the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle, the Park now protects 51,870 acres, one of the last large areas of tropical rainforest in Central America.

Eleven habitats are found in the park. Three species of monkeys (Spider, Howler and White-faced), Three-toed Sloths, and River Otters are frequently seen along the natural inland waterways and canals. Caiman, iguanas, river turtles, Basilisk Lizards, and Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobates) inhabit the area, along with more than 320 species of birds including all 6 species of kingfishers found in the new world, 3 species of toucans, 8 species of parrots, and other neotropical species.
From a guest: "Beginning our trip in Tortuguero was wonderful. The wildlife at the tip of our fingers that we encountered at the Tortuga Lodge was truly wonderful. We loved the service, the food, the guides, everything! The Turtle Tour in the evening was definitely a highlight of our trip..." -Verónica Geller, Sep. 29, 2007

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