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Picture by Mary Love Cagle. Sep 2003.

Turtle observation

During the season (June through October) the highlight of a trip to Tortuguero is actually standing a few feet from a 300 pound Green Sea Turtle while she lays 80-100 eggs, covers up her nest, perhaps digs a false nest to throw off predators, and, finally, after more than an hour, returns to the sea. Escorted by the best Tortuguero Guides available, the visitor will have the opportunity to see a major nesting beach for the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle up close. See Tortuga Lodge information and prices.

From a guest: "The wildlife at the tip of our fingers that we encountered at the Tortuga Lodge was truly wonderful. We loved the service, the food, the guides, everything! The Turtle Tour in the evening was definitely a highlight of our trip..." -Verónica Geller, Sep. 29, 2007.
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