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Picture by Photo© Mason Fischer. Jan 2004.

Eyelash Viper

The Eyelash Viper (Bothrops schlegelii) gets its name from scales that extend above each eye making it look hooded. The reason for these specialized scales are unknown, but is suspected they are to protect the snake as it makes it way among the branches and vines in its strictly arboreal habitat. Also unique with this species is its derivations in color. Some have green, gray, rust, or brown with diamond patterns of darker colors. Others are bright gold with red flecks on the tip of the scales, with no diamond patterns. The latter have been found only in Costa Rica. A single litter of snakes can have several different colors. The snakes eat mostly mice and frogs and some anoles. Their life span is thought to be about 10 years. The Eyelash Viper is the most toxic Bothrops in Costa Rica, usually biting its victims on the upper body as it hangs from the trees. About three to six deaths occur annually in Costa Rica.
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