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Aguila de Osa Inn

Region:Corcovado & Osa Peninsula
Habitats:Beach / Tropical Rainforest

estrellaestrellaestrella Boating, Diving / Snorkeling, Fishing, Kayaking
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Transport Time to/from Corcovado & Osa Peninsula
Option 1: By land
Bus & boat: 8 hrs
Option 2: By air
Hotel to/from airport:15 - 60 mins
Plane & boat:1:10 hrs


Frommer's Costa Rica 2006 - This luxurious hillside lodge has long been a popular choice for serious sportfishers. Situated high on a hill overlooking Drake Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the Aguila de Osa Inn offers large, attractively decorated rooms (with hardwood or tile floors, ceiling fans, large bathrooms, and excellent views), located a vigorous hike up a steep hillside. This could pose a problem for those with mobility or health issues because the restaurant, reception, and docks are located far below, around river level. There's a bar built atop some rocks on the bank of the Río Agujitas, and the open-air dining room is set amidst lush foliage with a partial view of the bay through the leaves. Meals are simply prepared but tasty and filling, and the kitchen leaves a fresh Thermos of coffee outside each room every morning.

Because most folks are out for the day fishing or taking one of the organized tours, lunches are often picnic affairs on the boat, in Corcovado National Park, or on Caño Island. Dinners feature fresh fish, meat, and chicken, often prepared with a tropical or Caribbean flair. (From: frommers.com)

The Aguila de Osa offers 30 deluxe rooms on a hill, which are hardly visible from a distance. The open and spacious rooms have spectacular views of the lush, tropical jungle that surrounds the hotel. Rooms feature large Italian tiled bathrooms, cathedral style ceilings, hot water, ceiling fans, 24-hour electricity, hand crafted decor, in addition to drinkable well water that is UV treated with a micro-filtered system. The restaurant serves simple fare and seafood that is tasty and filling. Hiking, diving and sport fishing in state-of-the-art boat available as well as birding, kayaking and horseback riding. Hot climate.

Aguila de Osa Inn is located in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, situated on a high bluff overlooking the Aguitas river with panoramic views of Drake Bay. Reaching out into the Pacific Ocean along the southwest coast, the Osa was once described by National Geographic as one of the most biologically intense places on earth. Encompassing Corcovado National Park and Caño Island, two of Costa Rica's most prized protected areas, the Osa Peninsula is a priceless natural treasure with an abundance of tropical plants, mammals, insects and over 350 species of birds.

No other region of Costa Rica offers the visitor a more pristine, virgin environment to discover. The Aguila de Osa Inn offers visitors to the region a comfortable and private refuge from which to explore the magic and beauty of mother nature in all her glory and complexity.

Jan. 20, 2002“The time we spent in Monteverde was fantastic.”
Dear Grettel: I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Costa Rica and how much we appreciate all that you, and Costa Rican Expeditions, did for us. We were very pleased to be met at the airport when we arrived, whisked through customs and transported to the Hotel Don Carlos in a matter of minutes.

Throughout our trip in Costa Rica, the efficiency, friendliness and helpfulness of all of the guides and staff of Costa Rican Expeditions helped to make our trip a wonderful experience. I wish I could remember the names of the guides, but I cannot remember them all, so I will simply tell you that they were all wonderful. We appreciated the faxes we received reminding us what time we would be picked up the following day. We also appreciated that the guides and drivers were always on time.

The time we spent in Monteverde was fantastic, from the delicious food at Monteverde Lodge to the beautiful surroundings and the attentive staff. The National Park is awesome, and though we did not see the quetzal, we did see many other beautiful birds in the Monteverde area.

We also liked the Montaña de Fuego Resort & Spa, with its superb view of the Arenal Volcano. Most of the time it was covered with clouds, but it did clear up enough for us to see some lava flows on our last night there. The time we spent at Dona Mireya's hot springs and Don Pedros' farm were some of the best moments we had in Costa Rica. Dona Mireya and her son were so gracious, so were the members of Don Pedro's family. We are so glad that you arranged those special trips for us.

The Aguila de Osa Inn was also a wonderful place to stay and we enjoyed the time we spent there. Although we liked the location, the atmosphere and the furnishings at Don Carlos, it was often very noisy throughout the night and it was difficult to sleep there. Still, the staff was very helpful and attentive and we liked being able to walk downtown and to the museums from the hotel.

Thank you so much for helping to make our first trip to Costa Rica a marvelous experience. You have a breathtakingly beautiful country (so green!) and we will be back.
-Bill & Karen Pierce

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