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Savegre Mountain Lodge

Region:Central Highlands
Habitats:Mountain / Rural FarmTropical Cloud Forest

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Frommer’s Costa Rica - "This working apple and pear farm, which also has more than 600 acres of primary forest, has acquired a reputation as one of the best places in the country to see Quetzals. The rustic farm has long been popular as a weekend vacation and picnicking spot for Ticos, but now, people from all over the world are seeking it out. The rooms are basic, but if you are serious about bird watching, this shouldn’t matter. Hearty Tico meals are served, and if you want to try your hand at trout fishing, you might luck into a fish dinner. The road is steep and often muddy, and four-wheel drive is recommended. Some of the signs pointing to the lodge read CABINAS CHACON."

Located off the Interamerican Highway between Cartago and San Isidro de General, there are 26 rustic cabins around the farmhouse surrounded by highland Cloud forest at 7,200 feet above sea level. A private nature reserve has a trout stream and stables. All the basic comforts with no frills, the location is spectacular. Costa Rican style meals are included with the price of the cabins. Cool climate.

Set in a valley so spectacular that a postcard photographer might pass it up because nobody would believe it was true. Twenty cabins at 7,200 feet above sea level on a family farm with a clear trout stream running through it, surrounded by one of the finest examples of highland cloud forest on the planet, set in a valley so spectacular that a postcard photographer might pass it up because nobody would believe it was true: Cabinas Chacón and the surrounding private nature reserve provides all the basic comforts; no frills for the body; and luxury for the soul.

Michael Kaye first visited Cabinas Chacón in July of 1979, when there were only four cabins. He and Don Efraín Chacón, the patriarch of the Chacón family, hit it off and Costa Rica Expeditions and Don Efraín have been working happily together ever since.

Now, nearly 20 years later, there are 16 more cabins and a telephone. The road is usually a little better, the Chacón kids have grown up and have taken over much of the day-to-day operations, but nothing much else has changed. Don Efraín, now semi-retired, has even more time to be the most gracious of hosts. Much of the wholesome food is still grown on the farm. The trout fishing is still great fun (they, the trout, not the Chacóns, are particularly partial to Dos Pinos brand processed yellow cheese), and Cabinas Chacón is still almost surely the best place in the world to see year round the Resplendent Quetzal, one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas.

It wasn’t easy. In 1955, Don Efraín with nine close friends and family members bushwhacked their way through 50 kms of forest to the site where the farm now stands. Daunted by the hardships, within a short time all the rest of the party returned home. Don Efraín was so captivated by the valley that he decided to stay. After 11 years of hard work, his wife, Caridad, and the first six of their 11 children joined him, and started a wonderful new life for themselves and a new life-enhancing experience for all of his past and future guests.

What to bring: hiking boots, binoculars, insect repellent, jacket for cool evening weather.

Jul. 23, 2007"Costa Rica Expeditions is the finest group I have been in contact with."
Dear Michael and Natalie: We've had a few days for re-entry and can more fully appreciate what a great trip we had to Costa Rica with your agency. Nadia and Paula in the main office great. Federico, our guide, was unfailingly enthusiastic and informative. He balanced the fine task of different ages, abilities and interests. Probably he should have been more informative before hikes regarding the length and sights so some could opt out beforehand. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Cola, Ramon and Eihttel were all engaging, polite and fun to be with. All deserve the highest accolades. Just in general, so no one is singled out or embarrassed, I would recommend all employees in contact with Americans to at least observe the best standards of personal hygiene (teeth, bathing, etc). Your whole group is to be commended for attention to detail, punctuality, concern for comfort and safety, efficiency.

I do think Costa Rica Expeditions is the finest group I have been in contact with. Very, very professional. Everyone! When we had a glitch with the weather and travel to Corcovado, I suggested Savegre and It was done! - almost immediately too. On that line I think that your agency should have backup plans for just such a situation, as not all travelers would have known about alternatives - I just happened to have read a bit about Costa Rica. Better you have the solution than the traveler!

Tortuguero - nothing but accolades. Love the rooms, the noise of the monkeys and cicadas. Food great, setting great. A major possible problem on our hike to the turtles - its ridiculous that no flashlights were allowed for the hike. Two hikers narrowly escaped serious injury due to no visibility. We were no where near the beach for a very long, dark dangerous walk. Also a major issue - you should inform people that the hike to the beach could be short but also could be very long and dangerous due to unwise regulation regarding flashlights. Older, less fit should be warned that it could be long - we walked over an hour each way: no fun and very dangerous. For two older hikers.

Arenal - hotel very nice but not in keeping with eco-touring - too Americanized. If there is another one in the area that you use, which is more like Savegre or Monteverde, I would recommend it.

Monteverde - all positives. Staff really great, esp the front desk - there was a young woman there who was terrific - she could be promoted to higher service position in your company.

Savegre - the best! Enchanted valley. Food, to be honest, quite poor. Birding and hikes wonderful. Rooms great.

San Jose: as the guide books say, not much. I would have gladly paid more to stay in a more atmospheric fun hotel than Parque del Lago. The Staff there is ok but it's way out of town and its not much fun trying to get into the center. I would recommend you extend your service to have the guides take people to the Jade and Gold Museums, as most Americans have no idea of Costa Rica's Amerindian past, not to mention William Walker.

I have already recommended CRE to friends. Thanks again, hope this helps.
-Andy Cies

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