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Si Como No Hotel & Resort

Region:Manuel Antonio
Habitats:Beach / Tropical Rainforest

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Transport Time to/from Manuel Antonio
Option 1: By land
Bus: 4-1/2 hrs
Option 2: By air
Hotel to/from airport:15 - 60 mins
Plane & bus:1 hrs


"Designed to damage as little of the forest as possible, this attractive, eco-friendly place was built to use solar power, energy-efficient air-conditioning systems, and very little hardwood. The surrounding jungle is frequented by fearless monkeys and varied birds. The blue-tiled pool has an artificial cascade, water slide and swim up bar... kitchens and balconies and even a movie theatre. Families are welcome.” -Fodor's Costa Rica 2001

"Everything has been done right! There is no sacrifice on comfort..." -Lonely Planet Costa Rica, Rob Rachowiecki.

"Si Como No" (Yes, of Course) looks as if it fell from its own picture postcard. The whole complex could have been designed by Friends of the Earth." -The Costa Rica Hand Book, Christopher Baker.

“Si Como No (Spanish for “yes why not”) is the name of one of the most charming and romantic hotels in the country. Not only can you honeymoon in luxury – the hotel is situated in the rainforest, overlooking the sea adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park. You can also marry in a secluded jungle setting…” -Bridal Guide, Jan/Feb. 1999

Located in Manuel Antonio, the Hotel's 58 rooms are distributed within ten separate terraces located on ten acres of tropical gardens. The eco-friendly approach has low energy air conditioning, a Disney-like atmosphere, pool with water slide and swim-up bar, a movie theater, solar-heated Jacuzzi, and a fine seafood restaurant. Next to a small shopping center with a deli and a Internet café. Hot climate.

Discreetly integrated into a tropical paradise is Si Como No. Proudly occupying the most idyllic hilltop in Manuel Antonio, this award-winning eco-designed Resort & Spa provides its own signature version of "barefoot luxury" to all its guests.

From Hotel Si Como No, you can visit nearby beaches, the National Park and mangroves. Not to mention the hotel's own Wildlife Nature Exhibits, which are adjacent to the property. Guests also enjoy a variety of water sports and local shopping, including the hotel's Gift Shop & Art Gallery.

Founded in 1992 by Ecovision, S.A., Hotel Si Como No has been a shining example of the global eco-tourism movement ever since it opened its doors. As such, the hotel is a unique blend of the country's incredible bio-diversity and the deeply-rooted cultural values of the Costa Rican people. An active member of many planet-saving conservation programs, Si Como No practices what has come to be called "sustainable hospitality."

Principal owner/general manager Jim Damalas came to Costa Rica over 25 years ago. Formerly, an art director and producer working in Hollywood, Mr. Damalas fell in love with the area upon his first visit when he camped in what was to become Manuel Antonio National Park. That "camping trip" turned out to be more than a vacation, but rather the beginning of a love affair with the country and its people that continues to this day.

For the original construction of Hotel Si Como No, Mr. Damalas insisted that the ecosystem remain as undisturbed as possible -- amazingly, only one tree was intentionally removed. Great care was taken to ensure that habitat was protected, including animal corridors, to assure the least impact on flora and fauna. Later, he maintained the same strict standards for the development of the adjacent Butterfly Botanical Gardens and the Crocodile Lagoons. What once seemed only a "pipe dream" is now one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in Central America. Thanks to Mr. Damalas' exacting vision, guests quickly discover that a luxury hotel can indeed co-exist with nature.

"Si Como No" is an expression of the magical nature of Costa Rica's incredible bio-diversity. It's mission is to create a vacation experience deeply rooted in the culture and pace of this unique Democratic country. Even the name "Si Como No", which means "Yes, why not?", reflects the warm and engaging personality of Costa Ricans -- a people blessed with easy-going charm and optimism, complemented by their high level of literacy and good health care.

Located in Manuel Antonio, a veritable treasure chest of natural beauty, the hotel is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, inviting soft sand beaches, and nearby rafting rivers. All rooms include a fully stocked mini bar, custom king, queen or double size beds and ocean or jungle views. You won't find television or CNN in your room, but rather the sounds of nature and the beauty of the tropical flora n fauna just beyond your private balcony. Again, each room is designed to help minimize its impact on the natural habitat.

Si Como No uses well water for gardening and maintenance, Bio-digesters for sewage, a gray water plant for laundry, biodegradable products for housekeeping, and city water for guest and employee usage. A Bocashi compost program utilizes waste from food preparation, and the hotel donates all glass, plastic and aluminum products to a local women's auxiliary in Quepos (ASOMUFAQ) each month.

Si Como No utilizes solar panels to heat water along with back up "on demand" instant gas water heaters. Double insulated windows and ceilings, plus natural canopy shade factors help reduce energy demands and maintain natural comfort values for the hotel guests and employees. Discreetly integrated into this tropical paradise is Si Como No. Proudly occupying the most idyllic hilltop in Manuel Antonio, this award-winning eco-designed Resort & Spa provides its own signature version of "barefoot luxury" to all its guests.

Sep. 21, 2009“We had a great experience at the (Tortuga) Lodge and really enjoyed the kayaking in the canals.”
We had a great experience and would like to commend everyone who we dealt with. We were meeting our 15-year-old son who was on a 3-week community service/Spanish-intensive trip and was concerned about the logistics since we were staying at a different hotel than he was. We planned on picking him up and going directly to Tortuguero. Everything went smoothly until he remembered that he forget to get his passport from his leader. This was an hour later and our guide called his group leader to arrange to pick it up later for us. The next morning his passport was at Tortuga Lodge. That is good service. We had a great experience at the Lodge and really enjoyed the kayaking in the canals. The turtles were fascinating, but was a little too organized and controlled. We did not spend enough time with them but got to see them laying the eggs and going back to the water. I would have enjoyed just watching longer but it was not allowed.

When we came back, we were picking up a car in San Jose, which took longer than it should have but your guides waited to help us get to the highway. We had been in Hotel Si Como No 10 years ago and it has changed but we still enjoyed our stay there. Manual Antonio is a special place and even though it is more developed, it still is a great location. We have now been all over except the Guanacaste area and will come back for a stay there at the Harmony Hotel. We have already recommended you to our friends, who should be signing up for their trip. Thanks for great trip.
-Louis Walsdorf

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