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Things to think about when planning your vacation:

• What do you want to get out of your vacation? A rest? A chance to be more physically active than you are at home? Do you want to meet people? Is there something specific you want to learn? How important is learning about Costa Rican Culture to you? How important is learning about ecology and natural history?

Cost and length of stay:
• How much do you want to spend? Vacations with Costa Rica Expeditions cost between $100 and $400 per person per day. How long can you stay? Your airline tickets are one of the most expensive elements of your vacation. It makes sense to try to stay as long as you can.

To guide or not to guide?
• Do you want a guide? We cannot over-emphasize the importance of this often overlooked decision. Good guides are expensive. They are also the single most important factor in providing an enriching life enhancing vacation. If this is the kind of vacation experience you want, it is well worth it to make sure you will have the services of an excellent guide.

Alone or with a group?
• Do you want to travel alone or as part of a group. The advantage of traveling alone is that you can set your own pace and pick your own company. Traveling in a group is usually a better value than traveling alone. This is because guide and transportation costs are defrayed over more people. More important, when a good group and guide click, the result can be magical.

• Pace is also very important. How much of your time do you want to spend traveling from place to place within Costa Rica and how much of your time do you want to spend in each place. Pay attention to this one. The decisions you make will have a lot to do with the quality of your experience. Too many places you get tired. Too long in one place you get bored. Most people tend to err in the direction of too many places. "It’s Tuesday; I must be in Monteverde." The best balance varies with the individual. It’s important to think about it before hand. In general, in travel, as in romance, one night stands are not a good idea.

Serious or playful?
• What about style. This is not the same as how much do you want to spend? Do you want big conventional hotels or boutique hotels? Do you want formal or laid back? Serious or playful? Do you want places where staff is encouraged to mix with guests or do you want places where the staff maintains a respectful distance?

Once you have as clear an idea as possible about what kind of trip you want you can go look at the right menu on this page to check out the great variety of experiences that Costa Rica has to offer.

You should also feel free to contact us or any one of the highly experienced professional organizations who market and arrange our trips.

Our goal at Costa Rica Expeditions is to work with you to design your ideal vacation. "Vacation Time Is Precious." It is worth taking a little extra time before you go to make sure your itinerary is as perfect as it can be.


Keep a list of favorite trips by clicking the link, "Add to My Favorites" found on all itineraries.

Creating a My favoriteS LIST

As you search for your ideal trip in the custom itineraries section of our web site, you may wish to create a list of favorite trips. To do so, click on the link above each itinerary, “Add to My Favorites.” Each itinerary you chose will be added to a personalized list of trips. You can add as many trips as you want to your list and refer back to them by clicking on the link, "See My Favorites," which will appear in the right column once you have selected a favorite.

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Keep a list of favorite trips by clicking the link, "Add to My Favorites" found on all itineraries.

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Turtle nesting in Tortuguero (July-Oct)


Tortuguero Jungle Odyssey (3D/2N)
From $358 p/p dbl occ.

Tortuguero Jungle Expedition (2D/1N)
From $378 p/p dbl occ.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Ody (3D/2N)
From $348 p/p dbl occ.

Rain & Cloud Forest Odyssey (7D/6N)
From $1034 p/p dbl occ

Corcovado Rainforest Odyssey (3D/2N)
From $708 p/p dbl occ

Pacuare River Adventure (2-3D)
From $259 p/p dbl occ.


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