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First guided for IE and CRE from 1989 to 1992. He then went to the Denver, Colorado to get his Masters Degree in International Politics, returned to Costa Rica, and started guiding again several years later.

Born in San José, Jorge has been working as a guide for a decade. He is an avid reader and autodidact and, to enjoy and improve his career as a naturalist, Jorge moved to the mountains of Heredia to be closer to nature. On his farm he grows different kinds of ornamental and medicinal plants as well as cut flowers.

Jorge has a BS in marine biology and Masters Degrees in tropical biology and international politics. With a diverse education and interests, it's not surprising that he has guided groups such as the National Geographic Board of Directors, Sierra Club Board of Directors, and many more. In fact, he remembers all of his groups fondly and always learns something new from each guiding experience.

When he guided Michael Collins, the astronaut, Jorge could not resist asking him what it was like to be on a spaceship looking down at the Earth. He never forgot Collins' reply: "It feels lonely, Jorge. Mostly you feel loneliness."

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