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Born in San Jose on July 21, 1963, his father was a merchant Marine from Buffalo that sailed all over the world and lived in Japan, China and the Philippines. He would spend up to six months at sea and then come home for two or three months. His mother a wonderful cook, mother and house wife was from the town of San Ramon de Alajuela in Costa Rica.

They lived in Moravia on the outskirts of San Jose where Andrew and his siblings went to the Lincoln School, which at that time, was one of the few schools where the kids would learn English. They spent their summers exploring Costa Ricaís beaches and at a small farm they had in Alajuela.

As a child Andrew dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic, until he saw a photo of a photographer up to his shoulders in the water photographing a crocodile, when he decided that might not be a good career choice.

When he joined the working world he was a fire fighter and an Air Evac Medic for the US Air Force. He calls himself a professional student; his list of studies includes biology, chemistry and training to be an electroencephalogram technician. His most recent area of interest is cooking, and he is now a licensed chef.

It was while he was studying Business Administration with emphasis on tourism that a friend suggested that he get into guiding. He started guiding for Costa Rica Expeditions in 2004 with 8 years of experience, since then he has been delighting guests with his encyclopedic knowledge of even the quirkiest things, his sense of humor and his cooking.

When heís not guiding, Andrew loves to cook for his wife Gabriela and his daughter Fiorella, he travelís as often as he can and when on the road learns about a countries food, and itís natural and cultural history. When he comes home his binoculars are usually side by side with a cooking gadget that he picked up at a local market.