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Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Victor is a single father of 3 with 22 years of guiding experience.

As a boy Victor had two passions, firemen and bugs. He loved to inspect different insects and bring them home to add to his collection. After high school, he gave up on being a fire fighter and went to school to study engineering.

After three years of math, physics and field work, he decided that he enjoyed bugs, plants and natural history far more than building projects and he began learning about Costa Ricanís natural environments.

Through the years, Victors says that his drive to learn more has been inspired by Daniel Janzen, who has almost single handedly saved the Tropical Dry Forests of Costa Rica, Julio Sanchez who was the Director of Ornithology at the National Museum and Luis Poveda, renowned botanist of Costa Rica.

Victor likes to share all aspects of Costa Rica with his guests, starting of course with conservation, our forests and itís creatures but careful not to leave out the Costa Rican culture, traditions and food.

When heís not guiding, Victor loves to play basketball and spend time with his children Ashley 19, Kristel 17 and Daniel 15.