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Pablo was born on September 14, 1976 just outside of Paris, France, but he is now every bit a Costa Rican. His parents are Chilean, but moved to Paris to get their doctorates at the Sorbonne University.

When Pablo was 8 years old, he and his family moved to Costa Rica. His mother is a psychologist and worked for many years with the United Nations, and his father is a theologist and philosopher who has spent most of his career researching the historical and social aspects of the bible.

As a teenager, Pablo was often in trouble and not too interested in school, but very interested in nature. Eventually, though, he began to think about a University degree and took several vocational tests to help him figure out what subject would suit him best. They all suggested that he work in the outdoors. Looking back, Pablo thinks his interest in the environment must have originated from trips he would take with his parents to remote areas of Costa Rica.

After deciding to work in the outdoors, Pablo went on to get a degree in Biology with an Emphasis on Ecology and Sustainable Development from the Universidad Latina in Costa Rica. He has specialized in Botany. He also holds an M.A. in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development at the United Nations mandated University for Peace.

Like many guides, Pablo ended up guiding by circumstances. Largely because of his fluency in Spanish, French, and English, he was called by a company in Costa Rica to help with a last minute vacation and ended up guiding full-time for a number of years. He has two daughters, and this has made him even more family oriented and great around children.