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Why Less Money Than Customized?

You receive between $425 and $1,483 worth of savings, because you have to buy the itinerary Exactly As Is. Same number of travelers. Same number of days, Same hotels. Same activities. Much less work for us than crafting a customized vacation especially for you. Our 7 expert travel planners have an average of 19 year of experience crafting customized vacations. They are a scarce resource and therefore expensive.

Are Customized Itineraries Worth The Extra Cost?

Depends on you. Here’s what one traveler who thought it was said on Trip Advisor:

Visited December 2015
You may pay a bit extra for a tour company like CRE but it's well worth it. More... David F

Where do these itineraries come from?

They are itineraries that we have designed arranged and operated for past guests.

Is there any other way I can use The Searchable Itinerary Data Base?

There sure is. You can use The Searchable Itinerary Data Base as resource to book, arrange and operate your vacation on your own. If you’re a Do It Yourselfer, these itineraries are our gift to you. However you plan your vacation, we want everyone that comes to Costa Rica to have the best possible experience. We know that even seasoned Do It Yourselfers find Costa Rica challenging. The distances look short on the map or in miles, but it takes a long time to get anywhere, we don’t have formal addresses we use points of interest as reference points so a GPS that works with formal addresses won’t work. There are so many choices and logistical hurdles.

Reviewed December 15, 2016
The first part of our trip was arranged by CRE. The second part we were on our own and it was more hit-or-miss. On our own, we relied on a hotel's recommendation and it was sometimes less than optimal. The memorable part of our vacation was the part arranged by CRE. We highly recommend them. It made for a fantastic vacation. More... vogelwatch16 Salt Lake City, Utah
Reviewed August 24, 2013
I booked with Expedia but this meant having to arrange transport in separately and this did cause some problems especially as a single traveler… If I went again or to another area of Costa Rica I would definitely book a package through Costa Rica Expeditions. More... Pam L Macclesfield, England, United Kingdom
Reviewed February 15, 2014
Chatting at breakfast in a hotel with a woman and her parents who had rented a car to drive around the country. They were excited but clearly completely distracted by trying to figure out how to get from one place to the next, and also in need of a lot of advice for how to enjoy their day. More... ardenp Boston, Massachusetts

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