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Covid 19 information

Since the pandemic began our authorities have been extremely responsive and provide all the information necessary. But, even more important, Our Social Security clinics and hospitals, as well as specially designated medical staff, practice thousands of tests a day; for free. We obtain a realistic panorama of new infections every day and make it public. These procedures are not necessarily shared by all countries in our area.

Our levels of non-lethal new infections are declining drastically thanks to the high vaccination rate which is fortunately one of the highest in the world:

First dose: 85.80 % of the goal population

Second dose: 80 % of the goal population

Third dose just started: 43.80 % of goal population

Fourth dose just started: 1.60 % of goal population:

Source: Ministry of Health as of May 20, 2022

We can see how we are extremely responsible and receptive to vaccines in Costa Rica, thanks in a great deal to a very strong public medical tradition since the creation of the CCSS (Social Security) back in 1943. According to scientists and medical doctors, the possibility for Unvaccinated patients to end in an ICU is much higher.

Costa Rica Expeditions has completed hundreds of journeys to the finest destinations in our country, and we intend to go on with the highest protocols levels and international standards.

You may want to read what recent travelers have said about their experiences traveling with us regarding the safety protocols in the following links:



We welcome you in this wonderful country full of great people, outstandingly gorgeous landscapes, and incredible opportunities to explore and discover nature at its best!

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