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Chief Operating Officer
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Diego was born on November 3, 1981 in the city of Ciudad Quesada; a rural town in the San Carlos region of Costa Rica. He grew up working on his father’s farms with his brothers and sisters. read more...

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Corporate Director

Erick planned to become an electrical engineer, but his career path took a different turn when he started working for a tour operator a decade ago as an accountant. read more...

Chief Operating and Financial Officer
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Michael Kaye first met Gordon when he was toiling away for long-time Costa Rica Expeditions’ client, International Expeditions in Helena, Ala. When International Expeditions became part of, Michael quickly snatched Gordon for a temporary assignment in Costa Rica. The “temporary” assignment that began in early 2002 continues to this day. read more...

Vice President of the Board of Directors

Being the son of Costa Rica Expeditions founders', Hilton has been there from the beginning observing and learning from Michael and Yolanda about the great possibilities that can come from Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories. Currently he holds the role of Vice President of the Board and holds a plethora of business experience as he balances work with his own creative business of 12 years in New York City, as well as being part of the creative and hard working CRE family, acting as a liaison between the Board, Special Projects, and the Leadership Team. read more...

CEO & HR Officer
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Isabel joined Costa Rica Expeditions in 1988. She is the staff’s problem solver and everyone’s confidant. Isa has degree in Psychology. She applies her knowledge of theory with her innate people skills, much to the company’s benefit. read more...

President & CEO
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Born December 11, 1941, a river guide for many years, Michael was the first to run Costa Rica's white water rivers. Michael and his wife, Yolanda started Costa Rica Expeditions as a white water rafting company in the fall of 1978.  read more...

Chief Marketing and Guest Satisfaction Officer
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After 13 years as chief operating officer Natalie has stepped back to become Chief Marketing and Guest Satisfaction Officer.

She is in charge of communicating the companies vision of creating unique travel experiences that transcend conventional travel, and then following up to make sure that what we say and what we do coincide. Since she began working at CRE in 1986, Natalie has managed most of the company's departments before becoming COO. This makes her uniquely qualified for her present position.  read more...

President Board of Directors

Yolanda Kaye, born in 1951 in rural El Salvador, is Costa Rica Expeditions Co-Founder with Michael Kaye and his surviving wife. Doña Yoly as we all affectionately call her, is truly the great woman who was, not only behind a great man, but continues to be behind our great organization. Her wise words, observations and willingness to listen to gardeners, cooks, account executives and executive team staff alike has provided many of us with a sound "put your feet on the ground and count your blessings" perspective. read more...

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