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Naturalist Guide

Born in San Ramon de Alajuela, William’s mother was a nurse and his father worked for MOPT, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation. He is the youngest of 8 children.

He grew up in San Ramon, known for it’s coffee. During the summer William worked with his brothers picking coffee and then at the coffee drying and processing mills. Weekends were dedicated to family, they got together for the customary lunch, fun and games then coffee. It was working in the coffee plantations that William first began to develop his love of the outdoors and its wildlife. read more...

Naturalist Guide

Born in San Jose on July 21, 1963, his father was a merchant Marine from Buffalo that sailed all over the world and lived in Japan, China and the Philippines. He would spend up to six months at sea and then come home for two or three months. His mother a wonderful cook, mother and house wife was from the town of San Ramon de Alajuela in Costa Rica. read more...

Naturalist Guide

Federico was born on April 11, 1971, in Costa Rica, but has lived all over the world, including Jerusalem, Madrid and New York. He speaks perfect English and can also understand Hebrew. He has worked at Costa Rica Expeditions for 9 years and particularly enjoys guiding Multisport and Naturalist trips, which combine his love for nature with biking and other outdoor sports. read more...

Naturalist Guide

Born on November 15, 1976 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Federico "Fico" Chacon has been guiding for 12 years. His training comes from the University of Costa Rica, the National Institute of Learning. He has completed various courses in natural history including Birds, Herpetology and Botany. He has also studied Social Sciences and Psychology. His greatest teacher has been his experience in the field, having guided in Costa Rica, Panamá, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. read more...

Naturalist Guide

Born in San José on November 21, 1982, her father is from the US and her mother is Costa Rican. Onik has an older brother Ry, an architect and rock climber living in Sweden. Her younger brother, Rony, lives in North Carolina and is studying to become a chef. read more...

Naturalist Guide

Esteban Biamonte is a biologist very passionate about birds, as well as any other kind of living creature. He started carrying his binoculars everywhere when he was 18, and has not stop doing it since.  read more...

Naturalist Guide

Margherita was born on February 21, 1963. Her father was and Italian Civil Engineer that arrived in Costa Rica on a trip that was given to him as a graduation gift. He fell in love with Central America and found work in construction. He later met Margherita’s mother, they had 5 children, four boys and Margherita which is the youngest.  read more...

Naturalist Guide

Gustavo was born in the town of Grecia, north of San Jose. He grew up on a farm, where his father grew mainly sugar cane and coffee. They also had horses and some cattle and goats for milk.  read more...

Naturalist Guide

One of the most common questions Joe gets from guests is, with a name like “Bernini”, is he a Costa Rican? In his words he was made, born and raised in Costa Rica. His name comes from his Italian grandfather, who came to Costa Rica to work on the railroad to the Atlantic back in the 1800’s. Don Ruggero fell in love with a girl from Heredia, the Costa Rican province famous for its beautiful women. Joe belongs to the third generation of the Costa Rican Bernini family. read more...

Naturalist Guide
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Eddie was born in San Jose on August 22, 1969. His parents were in the clothing business in San Jose and they had Eddie and two brothers and two sisters. As children, the kids spent a great deal of time in the northwest province of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste with their paternal grandparents. Their grandparents were of Italian descent and immigrated to Costa Rica as a result of World War II. read more...

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