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The Zika Virus: Should I Travel to Costa Rica Right Now?

The answer is yes, EXCEPT if you are pregnant or may get pregnant during your visit.

Here’s why:

What are Doctors doing?

Anna Holzer, a 32-year-old doctor from Polk City, Iowa, is not cancelling a trip to the Dominican Republic. “Women who are pregnant shouldn’t be going. And women who are planning to become pregnant should probably wait a month before attempting to conceive,” Dr. Holzer said in a telephone interview before taking her trip. “But other than taking the precaution of using more repellent, I’m planning on enjoying my vacation.” (Emphasis added) New York Times, February 15, 2016.

Will I have to pay penalty if I book a trip and then cancel because I am pregnant?

As long as you have booked BEFORE March 15, 2016, we will refund all your money. If you are booking after March 15 and there is a chance of you becoming pregnant you have to decide whether you want to assume the risk of incurring penalties.

Will cancelation insurance cover penalties if I become pregnant after booking and need to cancel?

It depends on the policy. Check the fine print carefully. Even policies that claim to cover cancelation, “for any reason,” sometimes exclude, “known risks,” of which Zika for pregnant women may be one.

Will I have to prove I am pregnant?

The answer is no. We trust you.

Will the airlines refund the money I paid for my ticket?

Best to ask the airline.