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When will you need proof of yellow fever vaccination?

If in the last six days you have been to Africa or South America (excluding Argentina) you may need proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in Costa Rica, the government requires travelers arriving from countries where yellow fever is present to present proof of yellow fever vaccination.

This requirement must also be taken into consideration if you are traveling to one of the countries where yellow fever is present before arriving in Costa Rica.

Click here for a list of countries where yellow fever is present

As well as countries in the Eastern Hemisphere from which we almost never have arriving guests, among the countries listed are Latin American Countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia.  This is very important to take into account.  If you are coming from one of the listed countries and do not have a current vaccination certificate then you will be denied boarding on flights to Costa Rica.

The same requirements apply for entry to many other countries including the US.

Some countries with yellow fever will let you enter without the vaccination, and then the next country you travel to will require the vaccination as a result of your previous destination. Thus you may not need proof of yellow fever vaccination to enter Ecuador, but you can’t travel from there to Costa Rica without it. The safest way to avoid complications if you are travelling to any of the countries on the list above is to get the vaccination and the proof of vaccination from your doctor before leaving home.

The vaccination will last for ten years.