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1. Your Primary Trip Goal

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Please keep in mind:

Think about the trip you want to have

Think about how you want to feel when you get back home.  We can plan your adventures to be serene, dynamic, or a mixture.

You may choose a broader itinerary where your Guides will point out places, people, plants or animals and explain their significance and answer questions.

You may also consider sharing guides, transportation and even helping with your budget costs while meeting new friends, traveling in one of our small intimate groups.

2. Your vacation Pace & Intensity

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Please keep in mind:

How do you imagine the pace of your days

Often people want to visit too many places in too little time.  If you have high energy or are very athletic, we can include lots of adventures but be sure to have us plan for some vacation rest too!

We can plan plenty of time for a hot tub under the stars, a spa, laughing by the pool, or meandering gently down a river.

3. Authentic Interactions Local People

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Please keep in mind:

Give yourself the chance to experience the authentic Costa Rica charm

Meet local people at work and at play. Costa Ricans are well-known for their kindness, modesty, and authentic friendliness.  Your Guides will translate so you really learn about each other.  Sometimes an invitation to go deeper into their world with them emerges from the connection.

4. Celebrating any Milestone?

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Please keep in mind:

We want to make it extra special for you

We want to design a vacation where you can celebrate life, achievement, special occasions such as a honeymoon, a romantic getaway, anniversary, college graduation.  Our itineraries can include abundance of beauty, sounds, scents, and private luxury. The adventures you share with your love ones add to your lifelong memories.  We would love to arrange surprises upon request and out of the blue.

5. Involving Your Children

You're considering bringing:

Would like:

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Please keep in mind:

We seriously care about your kid’s learning, enjoyment and safety

We really care about children as they thrive with our varied nature activities and adventures, we make sure these experiences are safe, fun and educational.  We understand what things children find most thrilling, and remember most, and can tune your plans accordingly if you want. We can even arrange a special party.  Whether you're laughing and giggling with them, or discovering adventures together, it’s a great time to strengthen bonds.

6. Diverse Wildlife

Wildlife important to me:

Specifically want to see:

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Please keep in mind:

The biodiversity you heard in the media; it is all here!

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse places on earth.  Although wildlife spotting is never guaranteed, it is common to get to see toucans, macaws, monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, frogs and butterflies during a vacation in Costa Rica.  Moreover, your Guides will know where to fine dozens of species.

Your Guides are what make our wildlife observations extraordinary.  Our guides know where there have recently been sightings of rare or endangered species.  See the most important nesting place for Atlantic Green Turtles in the Western Hemisphere.  It's all done from a safe distance, so as to not disturb the nature we're privileged to see.

7. Your World class Guides

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Please keep in mind:

Know more, learn more, experience more

Largest staff of prominent biologists, naturalist & ornithologists.  Our guides spend the most time in the field, so they know where and when to take advantage of sightings.  Our Guides are highly renown due to their expertise, knowledge and dedication.

We feel so strongly that a Guide is the single most important element of a life enhancing trip that, if you book a trip with a Costa Rica Expeditions Guide, we'll give you your money back if you do not agree.

8. Fascinating Forest Experiences

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Please keep in mind:

Amaze yourself with the variety of experiences we plan for you

See the unique vegetation and wildlife in the misty, breezy, cool, cloud forest at 5000 feet. Imagine being where there are some 1,200 species of wild orchids alone.

Experience the rainforest above the forest floor, don't forget to look around, the views are simply breathtaking.

Zip-line through the forest canopy, easily and safely.

Float or kayak through a gentle river along the forests.

9. Experience active Volcanoes

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Please keep in mind:

A territory totally formed by volcanoes has a lot to show you

Costa Rica has several volcanoes at various stages of activity. Some volcanoes offer the possibility to walk around a massive crater and see the button or it where there is commonly a color-changing lagoon, other volcanoes don’t offer the chance to walk though the crater, but you can experience hot springs, boiling mud pits, and primary forest on their surroundings. Several hotels offer rooms with direct views to the volcanoes.

10. Beginner & Advanced River Rafting

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Please keep in mind:

Beginner or advanced…fun guaranteed!

You can choose from a relaxed float or rough white-water rivers (beginner to advanced) all expertly led by extremely experienced guides. Top safety standards and equipment.  Rest-stops scenes and sightings are part of the adventure, along with a full of flavor food.  Video or photo file link of your trip are usually available to purchase.

11. In Nature Water Adventures

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Please keep in mind:

Beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, lots of fun

In our jungles and beaches, our adventures are transformed into a connection with and exploration of nature.  Our Guides will lead you, ensure your safety, using the latest equipment and look for ways to maximize your enjoyment.

12. Active Land Sports

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Please keep in mind:

How active you want to be? Action and relaxation is commonly a good combination

While we recommend our guests saving some time to just relax during the vacation, the true is that your vacation in Costa Rica can be as active as you like, and most important all the action takes place in spots surrounded by fascinating scenery and wildlife.

As your itinerary emerges, we'll recommend those activities where a guide adds a lot.

We provide the safest equipment available and you'll enjoy using.

13. Consider Other Adventures

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Please keep in mind:

There is a lot more out there

If you think of something wonderful, you'd like to experience beyond what's on your Wish List, please comment below.

14. Gourmet & Native Meals

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Please keep in mind:

Costa Rica’s cuisine can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want

Great food and a variety of dishes is always important when vacationing. Just because you're in nature doesn't mean you have to sacrifice great food.

Our trips are good for experiencing delicious native food adventures, and Costa Rica offers a wide variety of more simplified dishes.

You can let us know about any special dietary restrictions, please be sure to put it in comments, below.

15. What vacation budget would better fit your travelling style?

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Please keep in mind:

What traveling style is more reasonable to you?

We custom design vacations in two "styles".

All travel options can stay in 1 Price Range — For a vacation of this style, all the elements of the vacation (lodging, food, guides, transportation) have a similar traveling style, level of sophistication, and price range.

A "Mix and Match" of experiences pulling from different styles is also possible — Perhaps skimping on some facets or some days and splurging on others is appropriate for you.

You can also decide to join our exclusive Costa Rica Connoisseur group tour.  You save by sharing Guide and transportation costs with other guests. Minimum age: 12 years old

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