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Safe Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America. There are mischievous people all around the world, and Costa Rica is no exception. Therefore, occasional crime incidents had happened to tourists, but by taking a few precautions, exercising common sense, and planning your vacation with a professional team of locals that live and work full time in Costa Rica, you can achieve an unforgettable experience!

When you travel with Costa Rica Expeditions, we are ahead of you looking for rigorous standards of safety across everything you will do. We are with you as you go, checking the weather, calling ahead, making sure your driver will arrive before you do and that you’ll have exactly the experience we promised. Getting our support and guardianship 24/7. Always ask our operations team first before you make decisions or change plans.

Our Safety Department handpicks your Guides and Drivers and every single hotel and tour company at each destination included in your itinerary. Additionally, our staff all live in Costa Rica and many have worked with us for at least 10 years or more. All of these will ensure an authentic experience with the wraparound of safety that over 45 years in the business brings.

There is no need to be fearful, but it is always important to use common sense and be careful. Please use the same standard safety precautions in Costa Rica as you would in any major city in the US and Europe, and always feel free to ask your Local Travel Specialist that live and work here. Our Travel Specialists know better and will provide most useful tips and hints to travel safely!

Standard Safety Precautions What CRE Does for You
Stay in reputable hotels. Carefully selected accommodations and lodging. We choose the best fit for your primary trip goal, your budget and your safety.
Don’t ask strangers for advice. We give you the ability to text back and forth with our Operations Staff. Write or call us any time you have a question. Get your advice from a trusted source.
Always put your valuables in your room safe. You’ll feel so safe at the places we recommend that you’ll be tempted not to use the safe. But go ahead, use it anyway.
Don’t run alone in an unknown place and especially not before dawn or after dark. We’ll tell you where it’s safe to run and if possible, we’ll put you in touch with a group to run with. If it’s not safe to run alone, we’ll tell you and help you find alternatives.
Don’t walk on the beach or on remote roads after dark anywhere in the world, no matter how safe it might seem. Call us before you go. Tell us what you want to do, we’ll help you figure out the best way to navigate that situation safely.
If you end up in a local town or beach bar, always get your own drink.

Watch it being poured.

Don't leave it unattended.

Even better, drink beer and ask for the bottle with the cap on. You take the cap off yourself. Don’t set it down to dance or to go to the bathroom. If you do put it down, don’t drink out of it again.

Don't drink or taste unknown people’s drinks.

Don't accept drinks from anyone else.
You can order drinks without worry at the carefully selected lodging that we’ll suggest for you.

You can also order beer or cocktails at any of the restaurants our drivers stop at while you’re moving around the country.
Do keep your wits about you. A bar or beach party in a foreign country is not a good place to overdo it.
Don’t get into cars with strangers or with people that you just met at a bar. Not at home, not in Timbuktu, not in Costa Rica!
If you rent a car, don’t leave valuables in the car. We’ll always rent with the best rental companies in Costa Rica, recommend the best routes, gas stations and pit stop. You’ll have that authentic experience you’re looking for under our wrap around guidance.
Don’t leave anything you don’t want stolen unattended on the beach. Take a small amount of cash, sunscreen, a paper book and your towel, hat and sarong. Everything else should stay in your room safe.