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What airport should I fly to / from?

If you have not already bought your international airfare, it’s important that you buy this as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that Costa Rica has two International Airports which are located in very different parts of the country.

Your itinerary suggests specific airports for arrival and departure, it’s important that you get the right airports when purchasing your flights.

The San Jose airport is in the Central Valley in the center of Costa Rica, the Liberia airport is 130 miles north in the province of Guanacaste close to the north pacific coast.

If you are arriving or departing from the San Jose airport you are looking for:

San Jose, Costa Rica – Juan Santa Maria (SJO)

If you are arriving or departing from the Liberia airport you are looking for:

Liberia, Costa Rica – Liberia (LIR)

NOTE: When feasible in terms of price and schedule, we recommend booking flights that arrive in Costa Rica no later than 2:00 PM and/or depart from Costa Rica no earlier than 1:00 PM. This strategic timing allows you to maximize your vacation by avoiding the necessity of spending your first and last nights in San Jose or Liberia, potentially gaining an additional full day of exploration.