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The Zika Virus: Should I Travel to Costa Rica Right Now?

The answer is YES, except if you are pregnant or may get pregnant during your visit.

Will cancelation insurance cover penalties if I become pregnant after booking and need to cancel?

For all our travelers, we highly recommend acquiring trip insurance for their vacation, no matter when they travel.

Various unforeseen circumstances, ranging from political issues to unexpected pregnancies, may impact your travel plans. With comprehensive trip insurance, you can safeguard your investment.

In particular, if you suspect you are pregnant or there's a chance of pregnancy between the time of booking and the end of your vacation, we highly recommend acquiring insurance and meticulously reviewing the policy, paying special attention to the fine print. Some policies, despite claiming to cover cancellations "for any reason," may exclude "known risks," such as the Zika virus for pregnant women. It's crucial to be well-informed to ensure your coverage aligns with your specific needs.