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Packing for Costa Rica:

You may not have some of the items listed below. Unless it is something that seems essential to you, we are not suggesting that you buy it. It is not our goal to send you rushing out to spend a ton of money at your local outdoor gear or clothing store.

Traveling is already an investment, and we don’t want to encourage you to buy something you will use once and then forget in the closet.

There are very cool fabrics and gadgets being developed for adventuring these days, and some of them may be things that you will get a lot of use from, starting with your vacation to Costa Rica.

That said, we encourage you to think about how much you really need something before purchasing. A good example is the river shoes mentioned in “General Packing Tips”, they would be great on a rafting trip, but if this is your first and only rafting trip this half decade, then you will do fine with a pair of old sneakers that are already in your closet and will stay securely on your feet. If you don’t want to take them home with you, you can leave them behind and lighten your luggage.

The first thing to keep in mind when beginning to pack is the length of your trip. This will obviously affect the amount of clothing you choose to bring, and not always in the most obvious fashion. Laundry services will be available to you at most of your hotels; thus while six pairs of underwear for a six day trip might make some sense, twelve pairs of underwear for a twelve day trip begins to look like paranoia. You can probably do six pairs, and have laundry done at the midway point.

Packing List:

What not to bring:

Excessive amounts of jewelry: You will probably not wear it, but only worry about it as you move it from one hotel safe to another.

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