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Tips on Tipping

We do not include tips. And we strongly believe tipping is entirely up to you.

We’ve provided some rough averages below, but suggest you base your tips primarily on:

If you don’t believe in tipping, don’t feel obligated. Nobody should expect a tip.

You'll want to have small denomination bills: $20's, $10's, $5's, and $1's. These are not easy to get in Costa Rica and come in handy for tips, as well as for small purchases like fruit or beverages in the street.

Visit your bank before traveling, or… Alert your guide, driver or receptionist that you need an ATM. Do so while in bigger towns, as more remote areas won’t have them.

As you buy, you’ll often get change back in Costa Rican colones, not US dollars. So bringing a stack of $5’s and $1’s is helpful.

Even knowing it’s a personal choice, it’s our experience that people get anxious about how much to tip in Costa Rica. We hope this printable guide helps.