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When to Travel to Costa Rica


The three most important thing you should keep in mind about the weather in Costa Rica are:

There is very little difference in temperature between the coldest months, January and February and the hottest months, April and May.

Don't pay attention to what you've read about dry and rainy seasons. The weather in Costa Rica is too complicated to be divided into 2 seasons. The rainiest months in some regions are the driest months in other regions. Use our Rain Fall & Temperature Chart By Region to inform your decisions.

Normally the pattern during the wet months is clear mornings and an hour or two of rain any time from noon. Very occasionally a large low pressure system can cause a week of solid rain. This most likely to happen August through October in most of the country and least likely to happen these same months in the Caribbean.


Costa Rica is never crowded compared to mass tourism destinations. Nevertheless during the most crowded times many facilities are at peak capacity, which means longer waits and less personalized service.

Most Crowded times:

Least Crowded Times


Here are a few tips about the best months and places for various activities presented in alphabetical order. If the activity is really important to you, avoid the beginning and end of the period just in case the weather or whatever else makes for ideal conditions starts late or ends early. If you have a specific interest please contact us for more information.

Costa Rica has great birding all over the country year around. Here are some highlights. Contact us for more details.

Diving and Snorkeling:


Best months: Whenever your game is on.

Monkeys:Year Around.

Year Around.
Best Place: Cloud Forest. Monteverde and Cerro de la Muerte.

Year Around.
Best Place: Tortuguero

Turtle Nesting

Whale watching:

White Water Rafting

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