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What if I'm flying on an internal flight?

How do I pack for my internal charter flight or boat ride?

For certain forms of transportation within Costa Rica, there are weight restrictions on luggage; worry about how to do this is one of the things that we find causes guests the most anxiety before and during their vacation.

No need to worry, it’s easy…

When flying or traveling by boat within Costa Rica, a maximum of 40 lb. of checked luggage is allowed per person. Additionally, on the domestic airline SANSA, an extra 10 lb. of carry-on luggage is permitted/p?

It's important to note that SANSA only accepts bags not exceeding 45 linear inches. Therefore, the piece of luggage MUST adhere to the dimensions of 22” in height, 14“ in width, and 9“ in depth = 45 linear inche/p?

While it always makes sense to travel light, you can bring more than 40 lb. of luggage. We will store your excess luggage while you are on portions of the trip that involve flights or boat trips and catch it up to you as soon as feasible after you have finished those sections. Arrangements can be made to permit more luggage per person at considerable extra cost/p?

Carry-On Baggage:

In addition you are permitted to carry with you in the cabin the following items (restrictions apply):

This information is updated as of February 14, 2024, feel free to check the official information with SANSA, click here: www.flysansa.com

Domestic Flight Cancellations, Delays & Overbookings

In the event of cancelled or delayed or overbooked regularly scheduled flights, Costa Rica Expeditions will assist guests with new transportation arrangements free of charge but will not be responsible for cost of lost services or alternate transportation arrangements

Guests will be charged only out of pocket costs for new arrangements. If there is a refund for canceled regularly scheduled flights we will apply it to the extra costs if any.

Please note that private charters and helicopter flights are available at a significant additional cost

**Costa Rica Expeditions does not cover extra cost for excess luggage, or any additional expense resulting from luggage limit

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