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Updated March 10, 2020


Accommodations: As featured in the itinerary. Meals: As indicated in the itinerary: B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner. Transfers: Included in fixed departure (group) programs, on arrival and departure, when arriving and departing on the first and last scheduled days of the tour. For all other tours, transfers are included as indicated. Porterage: The handling of two bags per person. Baggage and personal effects are at the owner's risk throughout the tour. Taxes & entrance fees: Hotel taxes, entrance fees to National Parks, museums and places of interest in effect at the time of booking are included unless otherwise specified. Sightseeing: As specified in the itinerary.


Costs of obtaining passports, visas or tourist cards; excess baggage fees; personal expenses such as room service, beverages and laundry; gratuities for tour escort, guides or driver; personal communication charges; international airfare and airport departure taxes (included in most international airfares, US$29 per person as of September 2017), excess mileage carried out at the request of the passenger; sightseeing or meals not specified in the itinerary; personal insurance* coverage.

*We strongly suggest that you purchase trip cancelation and travel protection insurance.


Charges are made in US dollars. Please be aware that some credit card companies charge an additional 1 to 3% for international charges. We do not offer refunds or credits for these differences. There are credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees.

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Payment Schedule for Holiday Trips

Applies to Christmas, New Years, Presidents Week & Easter

Payment Schedule Dates Other Than Holiday Dates

Change Policy:

Guests occasionally may want to make changes at the last minute, even after having arrived in Costa Rica. These changes involve a considerable amount of extra work requiring a series of phone calls, emails and printed documents. For this reason, Costa Rica Expeditions charges $75.00 for each change made to the vacation after final services have been confirmed. This fee is in addition to any costs or penalties imposed by the companies impacted by the newly requested or cancelled services.


The rates that Costa Rica Expeditions receives for lodging and other suppliers of services may be the same or even higher than the prices that the suppliers offer the public via the Internet or other channels of distribution.

We make a big effort to ensure that the rates we are paying are the same or better than the rates being offered directly on the hotel and tour sites. We also make a big effort to gather and apply all special promotions available for lodging and other suppliers when booking directly with them.

That said, the reality is that these special offers and promotions change so often that although the people in our pricing data base should be called the special offer and promotion Ninja’s, it’s nearly impossible to be up to date. Here is how we make sure that you are getting the best rates and the benefit of any special offers and promotions available at the time of booking.

When you selected the itinerary that you want to confirm and make your initial deposit, our first step is to reserve the space and check directly with the supplier for rates, special offers and promotions. If at that time we find a rate or promotion that had not already been considered when pricing your trip, it will be applied at that time. We will let you know and adjust the final payment of your trip to reflect the savings.

If you see a promotion on the hotel or supplier’s website that you want to be sure we consider, feel free to send us a screen shot, we’ll follow it up with the supplier and see if it applies.

Note that special offers and pricing available on Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor or any other OTA do not apply. The reason for this is that these booking engines often discount the retail price without consulting with the supplier.

Special offers, rates and promotions that become available after your reservations have been confirmed are not applicable to your itinerary.


Costa Rica Expeditions strongly suggests that you purchase trip cancellation and travel protection insurance. Given that this insurance is easily available and relatively inexpensive we don’t give refunds for last minute cancelations.

Here is some of what’s covered:

If you do not have this kind of insurance and any one of these or several other situations covered by the policy should arise you would have to cover the expense out of your own pocket.

We offer two options for Travel Insurance:

You can compare quotes with Squaremouth and purchase travel insurance by clicking here.


For years we have used and recommended Travel Ex, which even covers you for pre-existing medical conditions if purchased within 10 days of the date you pay for or deposit your trip. Our travel insurance contact in the United States is Preferred Adventures Ltd, St Paul, MN. If you wish to purchase insurance, please access their website at the link below. When you purchase Travel Insurance you will need a location number, the location number is 23-0428.

To get a quote visit:



All foreign citizens entering Costa Rica must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date they enter the country.

For more information, please visit Embassy of Costa Rica

Please note and this is vital: Ever since January 23, 2007 all nationals, including U.S. citizens, are required to hold a valid passport to enter the United States by air. This also applies when coming from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

The new passport requirement means that all travelers, including U.S. citizens, who are departing the U.S. and intend to re-enter the United States are required to hold a valid passport upon departure from the U.S.

A word to the wise: In years past entrance requirements were much less strictly enforced than they are today. Airline counter personal in the country of origin are responsible for enforcing entrance requirements. Although they may still occasionally be lax, if you do not have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your date of travel, it is highly probable that they will not let you board the plane.

A pre-paid airline ticket to exit Costa Rica (either to return to your own country or to go on to another) is also required for entry. If your country is one of those with a visa requirement, then you will need to go about getting your visa several months in advance.


Regarding malaria, the US Center for Disease Control has a single recommendation for the countries of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama, despite the fact the danger of contracting malaria varies greatly from country to country and from region to region within the countries. The CDC recommends taking Chloroquin, which, if you choose to use it, you should start taking at least 2 weeks before possible exposure. (To cover their backs the CDC says a month to 6 weeks.)  

Our Costa Rican doctor, who has no bureaucratic needs to cover his back and whose judgment in these matters we have come to respect, does not agree with the recommendation, He points out that while there is a slight chance of getting malaria in Costa Rica, there is also a slight chance of side effects from Chloroquin, which is at least as serious as the strains of malaria that have been recorded here. What we who live here do, if anything, is use insect repellant that contains DEET (diethylmethyltoluamide) when there is a likelihood of getting bitten.   (Be sure to follow the precautions on the label.)  Not only will this minimize the possibility of getting malaria, but also it will help protect you from getting other insect born diseases---not to mention itchy bites.  

While we are talking about prevention of disease, make sure your tetanus inoculation is current. 


According to the latest information (from 2012) malaria in Costa Rica has gone down 75% from since 2001. In 2010 there were only eight registered cases. The vast majority of cases used to be in the province of Limon but new prevention measures in that province has resulted in there being only a single case in 2011. There have been no cases of malaria in Tortuguero in the last few years.

There have been no deaths in Costa Rica attributed to the strain of malaria that occurs in Costa Rica.

The last death in Costa Rica attributable to malaria that we could find was in 2009 when an Englishman who contracted malaria in Nigeria, had a relapse that he did not recognize and have treated until it was too late. There have been no deaths attributed to malaria since.

The CDC website continues to hold an advisory for the Limon Province. This does not mean that the risk from malaria in the province of Limon is greater than before but rather that the CDC has recognized, albeit belatedly, that there is negligible risk from malaria in the other provinces of Costa Rica. 

As far as medication goes, there is general agreement that Malarone has much fewer side effects and is just as effective as the older drugs such as chloroquin. Deciding whether or not you take the pills is essentially a risk/benefit analysis. In your position we would not take them, but if not doing so is going to mean that you or your traveling companion is going to be at all worried about the risk, then peace of mind might well be sufficient reason to take them.

This all said, finally you have to make your own decision about whether to use malaria prophylaxis or not.  (The CDC is not the only ones who cover their backs.)


"Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in Costa Rica, the government requires more from travelers arriving from these countries, please click here.

Countries where yellow fever is present requires to present proof of yellow fever vaccination.  If you will be traveling to one of these countries where yellow fever is present before arriving in Costa Rica, this requirement must be taken into consideration."

As well as countries in the Eastern Hemisphere from which we almost never have arriving guests, among the countries listed are Latin American Countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia.  This is very important take into account.  If you are coming from any of the listed countries and do not have a current vaccination certificate they will be denied boarding on flights to Costa Rica.

Also very important, the same requirement applies for entry in many other countries including the US.


Costa Rica Expeditions, S.A., (its owners, associates, agents and employees) give notice that they assume no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays and expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force majeure, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, discrepancies or change in transit or hotel service over which it has no control.

Costa Rica Expeditions is not responsible for loss of life, personal injury, cancellations, delays, over-bookings, loss or damage of baggage and/or loss of services as a result of the same caused by any domestic flights within Costa Rica. For an additional charge, when advisable, charter flights may be arranged through Costa Rica Expeditions. Should clients decide to book a charter flight, Costa Rica Expeditions does not assume responsibility for cancellations, delays, over bookings, any loss of services from the same.

Costa Rica Expeditions reserves the right to adjust the U.S. dollar prices without notice, to reflect fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange Markets. Costa Rica Expeditions also reserves the right to withdraw a tour or any part of it, to make such alterations in the itinerary as it deems necessary for the comfort or well-being of the participants and to pass on to tour members any expenditure or losses caused by delays or events beyond its control. With advance deposit to Costa Rica Expeditions or any of its agents, the depositor therefore agrees to be bound by the above recited terms and conditions.


We have a 24-hour medical service. Guests with existing medical conditions should make them known to Costa Rica Expeditions well before their arrival to Costa Rica, given that guests will be, at some time during their trip, in some of the most remote places in Costa Rica. Under certain circumstances, evacuation could be prolonged, difficult, expensive or impossible. Guests should take special care. If they feel sick, they should tell us so we can start making arrangements for evacuation should it become necessary. Guides on all of our wilderness trips carry a fully stocked first-aid kit. Hospital facilities are excellent in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Expeditions assumes no liability for costs of evacuation or provision of medical care. We strongly recommend that trip participants purchase short-term traveler's insurance covering baggage, accident/life and trip cancellation.


Costa Rica Expeditions and its designated representatives reserve the right to disqualify any person as member of any trip or tour, should such person’s actions or general deportment impede the operation of the trip or the rights or welfare or enjoyment of other members of the trip. Refunds are usually not given under these circumstances. In such extraordinary instances when a refund is granted, it is agreed that a refund based on the actual cost of the unused land services is the limit of Costa Rica Expeditions´ responsability.


Costa Rica Expeditions makes every possible effort to protect the baggage placed in our care. In the unlikely event that baggage or its content is lost, Costa Rica Expeditions will compensate the owner of said baggage for the value of the baggage and it´s contents or four hundred dollar currency of the United States of America (US$400), whichever is less. Under no circumstances do we make compensation for claims of lost cash or cash equivalents such as traveler’s checks. Alleged verbal representations by employees of Costa Rica Expeditions that contradict the above are not valid.

Updated March 10, 2020

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