Meet Our Support Staff

Operations Coordinator

Also known for being your, don’t forget your sunblock reminder, alternate transportation finder, lost book tracker, forgot your phone charger solver, let me get the doctor on the phone operator.

Alberto   was born on September 15, 1976 in San José, Costa Rica.  He had the lived in the Dominican Republic for 4 years when he was a child because of his father’s job. Later, he spent one year in Finland as an exchange student. read more...

Operations Coordinator

Also known for producing a flying carpet to take you over a landslide OR alternate transportation finder, lost book prescription glasses finder, forgot your iPad finder, let see if I can get you another night at this hotel coordinator.

Guillermo returned to Costa Rica Expeditions in 2017 as Operations Coordinator, he had worked for us in the same position between 2007 and 2009.  read more...

Operations Coordinator

Also known as your guardian angel, troubleshooter, lost jacket tracker, forgot your medicine solver, keeps the ball in motion magician.

Diego is a native of the region of Pérez Zeledón in the south of the country, where he was born 33 years ago. His family eventually moved to the Aserri region, on the southern slope of the Central Valley, where Diego grew up. read more...

Transportation & Transfer Guide Coordinator

Ivan was born in San José, on August 27, 1980. He grew up in the suburb of Moravia, where he continues living. He has two siblings, a sister and a brother.

Ivan loves soccer, rock music and driving his motorcycle.  In his free time, he practices mountain biking, running and CrossFit. He has participated in several races, including a marathon. read more...

Lodge Reservations Supervisor

Marcelo joined the Costa Rica Expeditions family in 2017. He currently serves as Supervisor of the Reservations Department of Costa Rica Expeditions Hotels, Tortuga and Monteverde Lodge & Gardens.

Marcelo was born on February 12, 1988, in the province of Heredia, being the youngest of 4 brothers. His father worked as auditor of the Bank of Costa Rica where he retired in 2002. Her mother has always been a housewife, who taught her 4 sons to do all the housework, cooking, washing, cleaning, so that they could apply them in her future life. read more...

Guide Scheduling & Reservations Coordinator
[email protected]

Luz Elena has been with us since 1992. She is responsible for many things but, most importantly, for keeping track of every room reservation Costa Rica Expeditions makes. Her other role is to keep our guides in line: juggling their schedules, organizing jobs and often acting as surrogate mother. When she is not working, Luz Elena dedicates time to her son Alejandro, 11. She also enjoys swim class, running in the morning and decorating her house. read more...

Lodge Reservations Coordinator

Ronny grew up in the town of Escazú, where he helped his parents in their bakery. Ronny has one brother and one sister.

Like many Costa Rican children, Ronny dreamed of becoming a soccer player, but his yearn to travel led him to study Tourism Administration. In 2002, He obtained his diploma in Tourism Administration at the Cartago Community College. He then moved to Canada to continue studying English as a second language. read more...

Travel Planning Assistant

Karla was born on November 19, 1991 in the city of Cartago. Karla’s father is an accountant and her mother a teacher.  Karla, has two brothers, the oldest is a pharmacist and the younger one studies art.   Everyone in her family studied at the University of Costa Rica. read more...

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