Meet Our Support Staff

Ronny Céspedes
Lodge Reservations Coordinator

Ronny grew up in the town of Escazú, where he helped his parents in their bakery. Ronny has one brother and one sister.

Like many Costa Rican children, Ronny dreamed of becoming a soccer player, but his yearn to travel led him to study Tourism Administration. In 2002, He obtained his diploma in Tourism Administration at the Cartago Community College. He then moved to Canada to continue studying English as a second language.

What Ronny likes most about his job is that he gets to help people from all over the world fulfill their dream of visiting Costa Rica. Knowing that if he does a good job, visitors will spend a meaningful and happy time by leaving aside their routines and discovering the real meaning of Pura Vida!

When he’s not arranging reservations for our lodges, Ronny likes to play indoor soccer with his friends, play the guitar and try new restaurants on weekends. He has a 4-year-old daughter, Fiorella, he says he really enjoys being a father and sharing time with her.