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Meet Your Naturalist Guides

Walking through the forest with a great naturalist guide is akin to experiencing a work of art, even if you don't see one single beast. There is drama, there is suspense, you laugh, you cry, you learn things. Yet if you ask most people before their trip what are the most important factors they use in deciding what to do on vacation, guides would be pretty far down the list. After the trip, I have asked hundreds of people what was the single most important factor that determined the quality of their trip. Almost invariably they say, "The guide."

Guides take the hassle out of travel. They provide education, insight into the host culture and, most important in many cases, friendship. Travelers who have decided to go it alone often end up wishing they had a guide. Click on the links in each of the following guide groups to learn more about the fine men and women who dedicate their working lives to providing "Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories¨" to our guests.

Guide Guarantee

We feel so strongly that a guide is the single most important element of a successful trip that we'll give you your money back if you do not agree. Read more about our Guide Guarantee.

Master Naturalist Guides

One of our clients once referred to these guides as having "broken the mold." In addition to being highly experienced bilingual naturalists and biologists, they are also delightful human beings and exceptional guides. Years of practice leading natural history trips has given them an interpretive ability which distinguishes them as "master craftsmen" or "master naturalists".

Meet our Master Naturalist Guides

Naturalist Guides

Highly experienced biologists and bilingual naturalists who accompany our natural history excursions. These guides often have developed an area of specialization such as birds, botany, herpetology, etc. Those who do not have formal training have a life time of experience in the field, studying natural history. All are trained in guiding techniques.

Meet our Naturalist Guides

Transfer Guides

Costa Rican's that will accompany you from A to B. They will meet and greet you on arrival at the International Airport, accompany you on some legs of your trip and then meet you again for your departure transfer. Many of them are students, ranging from Biology to Environmental Science and Business Administration. Some of them are training to become in Naturalist Guides. They are all Costa Rican and are happy to share their insight on with you.

Meet our Naturalist Guides

Tortuguero Guides

Most of our Tortuguero Guides were born and raised in Tortuguero and hired by Tortuga Lodge to drive the boats and help guests spot wildlife and/or fish. While bilingual, they are not overly talkative. Guests should take the initiative to ask questions. Keep in mind that when it comes to spotting local wildlife or taking you to where the fish are biting, no one can outdo them.

Meet our Tortuguero Guides

Monteverde Guides

Born and raised in Monteverde, the Lodge guides are part of Monteverde's history, they are descendants of the original Costa Rican settlers of this mountain range and they spend each day exploring the forests of the region. They will insure that you see the "hidden Monteverde" because they all live here, study it, know it so well and are totally dedicated to your experience of a lifetime.

Meet our Monteverde Guides
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